Prior to the workshop we will distribute an online survey to the accepted participants with questions related to their perspectives to designing multi-touchpoint experiences, such as the methods and design processes, the balance between user and brand experience and the terminology. The results will be analyzed and presented in the workshop to raise discussion, as well as included in the conference publication.

We expect to receive different perspectives to this rather new and still controversial topic from CHI audience. Therefore, instead of traditional presentations, we plan for two panel discussions in the morning for introducing participants’ views on the topic. The exact topics of the two panels depend on the contents of the submissions and pre-workshop survey, but the first discussion could be about the similarities and differences of UX and Service design, and the other one about the methodology. One author of each paper acts as a panelist in one of the panels.

The group work sessions will be scheduled in the afternoon to produce maps of the current knowledge in this area. Each group will tackle one of the workshop objectives and produce a map so that at the end of the workshop, we will have four maps: a map of ideologies in experience and service design, a map of opportunities & challenges, a map of design methods that different fields can bring to the intersection, and a map of research topics to be tackled in future work. Each organizer will facilitate one group work.