What’s the Future of Art?, timetable for Autumn 2013 and Spring 2014

why are artists poor? >>>> should freedom of speech be limited? >>>> etcetera >>>> teemu mäki & visitors >>>> the lecture series starts >>>> monday 9.9.2013, 13:00 >>>> ends 28.4.2013 >>>>https://blogs.aalto.fi/whatsthefutureofart

To sign up, go to https://oodi.aalto.fi/a/ If the sign up time is over you can ask for a permission to join the course in the middle of the semester too. And the lectures are anyway open to all.

Teemu Mäki, www.teemumaki.com, starts the series and gives some of the later lectures as well, but most of the lecturers will be visitors that are announced later. Many of the speakers will be the same as previously (check the post about lecturers of 2010-2011), but the lectures are new – not repeats of the lectures of the previous year.

And location almost always is: Aalto University School of Art & Design, Hämeentie 135 C, 00560 Helsinki, 8. floor big lecture hall (PR822).

The schedule is: 18 lectures/events, Monday afternoons, 13:00–16:00, every two weeks unless otherwise indicated:

The dates for What’s the Future of Art? in 2013-2014 are listed here. In addition to these 18, there might be a few additional ones. The dates/times/locations of those will be announced separately. Your workload is to attend at least 80% of these. This means that you can skip 3 out of these 18 – but of course I hope you attend all of them.


…and the end: A theater evening: Teoreema directed by Niina Hosiasluoma & Teemu Mäki, in Teatteri Takomo. It’s in Finnish, so many of you who don’t speak Finnish may want to skip it. On the other hand half of the play is wordless and the plot & themes are familiar once you’ve seen Pasolini’s version, so it can still be of interest to some in spite of the language. http://www.teatteritakomo.fi/events/category/kosto/. You can book a ticket to any of these performances of it: 28.3.2014, 30.3.2014, 3.4.2014, 5.4.2014, 6.4.2014, 11.4.2014, 12.4.2014, 13.4.2014, 17.4.2014, 18.4.2014, 19.4.2014… …but I recommend and especially welcome you to attend either the premiere or the 19.4.2014 performance.

14.4.2014 (NOTICE LOCATION) Julius EloTHE CIRCLE – a participatory performance on human instincts. This participatory performance does not take place in the lecture class. Location: Esitystaiteen keskus / Performance Center ESKUS, Kaasutehtaankatu 1, Suvilahti, Puhdistamo (rakennus/building 6, 2nd floor): “Circle is a participatory performance where human connection is created and explored through our primal instincts in action. The participants and the performers form a circle around a shared stage area. Any two people from the circle may move into the middle and encounter on the stage while the others witness their encounter from the perimeter. Encounters play with three instinctive interactions: nurture, power struggle and sexuality.”


31.3.2014 (NOTICE DATE & LOCATION) A film screening in Bio Rex at 6 pm: Yael Bartana’True Finn – Tosi Suomalainen, commissioned by the IHME-festival. It’s the premiere of it and includes a moderated discussion with the director and participants after the screening. Bio Rex is an old, big cinema in Lasipalatsi, at the very center of Helsinki, at Mannerheimintie 22–24, one hundred meters from Kiasma, 200 meters from Railway Station. More info about Bartana: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yael_Bartana  http://www.ihmefestival.fi/ohjelma/ihme-teos-2014/

24.3.2014 Julius Elo: a lecture about participatory body art (/kosketustaide). http://www.todellisuus.fi/en/keha/ Julius is a director / performance artist / doctoral student in TAhTO / Theatre Academy, http://www.teak.fi/julius_elohttp://www.artisticresearch.fi/tahto/.

10.3.2014 (NOTICE THE LOCATION); this time the lecture takes place in class 5022: A screening of Pier Paolo Pasolini‘sTeorema (90 min). Discussion afterwards. See the trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oCGVIg1ksYU

10.2.2014 POSTPONED TO: 13.2. / 14.2.2014 and instead of a normal lecture It’s a performance. Tero Nauha is performing his “Life in Bytom” in Kiasma Theatre on Thursday at 7pm in Finnish and on Friday in English. Go to see the version that suits you the best. The performance lasts an hour, but on both days there is a discussion afterwards, right after the performance. Please stay for that too. (The discussion on Friday is not mentioned on the Kiasma website, because Tero is doing it just for us.) http://www.kiasma.fi/kiasma-teatteri/life-in-bytom

27.1.2014 Researcher Sari Karttunen gives a summarizing talk about her research on the change of the role of the artist in society. It’s a summary of “‘Pitäisi laajentaa työalaansa’ – Kuvataiteilijan ammattirooli ja osaamistarpeet tulevaisuuden työelämässä., which was funded and published in 2013 by CUPORE (the (Finnish) Foundation for Cultural Policy Research) http://www.cupore.fi/documents/Cuporejulkaisuja21_2013.pdf

13.1.2014 Preparatory session for Sari Karttunen‘s visit (see below). Download and read http://www.cupore.fi/documents/Cuporejulkaisuja21_2013.pdf from http://www.cupore.fi/julkaisut_21.php before this meeting and then we’ll have a discussion on it and prepare questions and comments to Karttunen for the next meeting/lecture. The text is in Finnish only, so it’s the duty of the Finnish speaking to explain the main findings, ideas and conclusions of the research to the others in this session.


FALL 2013

16.12.2013 Choreographer/Dancer Sanna Kekäläinen talks about her art, especially about the most recent work, Queer Elegies, which you hopefully have gone to see in Kiasma Theater before this lecture. http://www.kekalainencompany.net/fi_index.html

2.12.2013 LECTURE LOCATION CHANGED: Curator Marita Muukkonen with artist Khaled Jarrar http://electronicintifada.net/blogs/maureen-clare-murphy/palestinian-artist-khaled-jarrar-wants-stamp-your-passport and curator Metteo Lucchetti. The presentation is linked to the Curating the Social Workshop that they are doing with Ivor Stodolsky in Kallio, Helsinki, 2.-7.12.2013, which in turn is a continuation of the summer school Curating the Political they did in Baltic Art Center in Visby http://www.balticartcenter.com/perpetuum-labs-bac/. NEW LOCATION: the former LIBRARY FOR THE BLIND shown on the map linked here: Map for Curating the Social LABS activities: https://mapsengine.google.com/map/edit?mid=z28HCTvZ4bpc.kElXdUmS9bsA (It’s in the corner of Ensi Linja and Eläintarhantie.)

18.11.2013 LECTURE POSTPONED: On Thursday, 21.11.2013, at 14:00, in Korjaamo Gallery Gallerist Jukka Valkonen gives a talk about how the gallery scene in general functions and how his gallery in particular works. After this introductory talk we’ll have an open discussion on the future of gallery system and other possible ways of presenting art. http://www.korjaamo.fi/en/gallery Location: Korjaamo, Töölönkatu 51 b, FI – 00250 Helsinki.


8.11.2013 (NOTICE that this one is on Friday. The room and the time of the day same as normal:) Dana Yahalomi of Public Movement gives a lecture. “Public  Movement is a Tel Aviv based ‘performative research body’. Through large-scale performances in the public realm they construct alternative arenas for the consideration of communal identities – national, religious and cultural – revitalising debate around the distribution of power.” 

21.10.2013 Preparation to Dana Yahalomi’s visit: Check the info you can find about her and Public Movement, through these links; http://publicmovementenglish.blogspot.fi http://www.afterall.org/online/artists-at-work-public-movement http://www.artiscontemporary.org/search_results.php?q=yahalomi http://www.impulstanz.com/en/archive/2012/research/id1968/http://balticcircle.fi/type/performances/do-tank-public-movement-isr-debriefing-session-helsinki/ http://www.checkpointhelsinki.fi/en/ …and come to the lecture (= just discussion this time) and we’ll talk about it all.

30.9.2013 (Note that the date of this has changed!:) FUTURE OF PAINTING 2? In normal location (8th floor big lecture hall), a continuation of the previous meeting; discussion about the collective paintings continue. Then a shift to discussing about the future of painting in general. How can this ancient tradition of unique, hand-made, delicate, space consuming, permanent objects continue? Should it? What’s the role of painting in art vs. its role in art market? What’s (if anything) special about painting? Etc.

23.9.2013 FUTURE OF PAINTING 1? In Gallery Jangva, Uudenmaankatu 4-6. Introduction by Teemu Mäki, to the ANTIDOTE 7 – COLLECTIVE PAINTING exhibition, http://antidote7collectivepainting.wordpress.com & http://www.teemumaki.com/teemumakipaintingdrawingcollectives.html.Then a discussion about it.

18.9.2013 ADDITIONAL EVENT ON WEDNESDAY EVENING: The premiere of Sanna Kekäläinen‘s dance piece Queer Elegies, Kiasma Theater, 7 pm. This prepares you to Sanna’s upcoming December lecture. More info about the work here: http://www.kekalainencompany.net/works_queer.html. And the teaser/trailer of it here: https://vimeo.com/67721513. Each student must confirm that they are coming, so that I can reserve and pay the right amount of tickets for this.

9.9.2013 …Eija-Liisa Ahtila’s video works and on a more general level, about the future of video (/media) art in general.

August – 1.9.2013 HEAD START, on your own, go and see Eija-Liisa Ahtila‘s big exhibition in Kiasma, http://www.kiasma.fi/calendar/eija-liisa-ahtila, before it closes on the first of September. This will prepare you for our first actual meeting, which will be a lecture and discussion about…

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