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WDC year starts on New Year’s night

World Design Capital Helsinki 2012 gets underway at the traditional New Year celebrations organised by the City of Helsinki. The festivities take place on Saturday 31 December 2011 starting at 22.00 on Senate Square.

New Year’s resolution to the world will be given by the young designer Minna Piironen.  Piironen graduated from Aalto University last spring, studied city farming for her dissertation, and currently works as a member of the KONE designer team.

More information and full program;  EN    FI   SE

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The Aalto University World Design Capital Helsinki 2012 series of programmes has launched a website at living.aalto.fi.  The website introduces all WDC Helsinki 2012 related Aalto University projects as well as the thought processes behind them.

The name of the Aalto University WDC Helsinki 2012 programme package is Living+.  The programmes aim to increase awareness of research and teaching related to the design of our living environments, and focus on the creation of better living environments in the spirit of sustainable development. The Living+ projects aim to improve the daily lives of people by new creative solutions combining art, economy and technology.  

The Living+ programmes include over 30 projects. Hundreds of people from Aalto University are implementing these projects: students, lecturers, researchers, alumni and other personnel. Dozens of people from the university as well as those from outside have been invited to participate as bloggers in the Aalto Talk section using the project themes. Aalto Talk will be launched in January.

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Aalto Gift

Aalto University and Aalto Center for Entrepreneurship is happy to announce “AALTO GIFT – COMPETITION FOR PRODUCT DESIGN AND BUSINESS”!

The goal is to develop new design based start-ups. Get more visibility to design business and design entrepreneurship.

To find more information and submit your idea follow the link and don’t miss an opportunity to win 5 000 € and a production series!


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Media Lab Demo Day

This year Taik’s Christmas Demos are – exceptionally – public.

Welcome to Lasipalatsi 2nd floor on 15.12.2011 too see and hear about our ongoing study & research projects. The space is open 13-17.

The programme: http://mlab.taik.fi/news/

Lasiaplatsi address: Mannerheimintie 22-24, Helsinki

See you there!

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ADDTHOUGHT LECTURE 2 – Ulrika Karlsson

Architecture Climates: architectural environments that have the capacity to embrace entropic tendencies

Thursday December 15|2011

Reception at 5pm 

Lecture at 6pm

At: ADDLAB – Aalto Digital Design Lab, Sähkömiehentie 4 – G hall

The event is open to all public – please rsvp to info@addlab.fi

About the guest:

Ulrika Karlsson is a partner and founding member of the architectural design collaborative SERVO. SERVO’s work focuses on the development of architectural environments integrating technical ecologies with shifting material states and electronic information infrastructures. SERVO’s work has been exhibited widely, notably at the Venice Architecture Biennale, the Centre Pompidou and SFMoMA.

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2. face starts at Aalto Garden Otaniemi challenge

The first phase of the Aalto Garden Otaniemi challenge ended on 15 November 2011 at 3 pm. A total of 24 entries were submitted by the deadline and one after the deadline. In addition to the late entry, three incomplete proposals were submitted.

The jury held a meeting on Tuesday 22 November 2011 to assess the proposals and selected eight proposals for the next phase of the challange. The pseudonyms of the proposals are:

  • Aalto Deck
  • Aalto Vase Garden
  • Keidas
  • Laakso
  • Lammelle
  • Lemmen Laiturit
  • Pilke
  • Seikkailu

The shortlisted participants have been notified by email and further information on the competition will be sent to them shortly.

The Aalto University Degree Programmes in Environmental Art and Landscape Architecture jointly launched a student challenge. The aim was to design and create a visually high-quality, open-minded and feasible campus garden for the area between Otakaari and Rakentajanaukio square on the Otaniemi campus.

More information on the challenge Aalto Otaniemi Garden

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Äitiyspakkaus sai uuden ilmeen

Kela järjesti suunnittelukilpailun, jossa Aalto-yliopiston taideteollisen korkeakoulun (TAIK) opiskelijat loivat äitiyspakkauslaatikolle uuden visuaalisen ilmeen. Voittajaksi valittiin Johanna Öst Häggblomin työ Sukupuu.

Kela halusi uudistaa äitiyspakkauslaatikon ilmeen suunnittelukilpailulla, jotta ilmeeseen saataisiin innovatiivisia ja persoonallisia ideoita. Yhteistyökumppaniksi valittiin Aalto-yliopiston taideteollinen korkeakoulu. Suunnittelukilpailu on osa World Design Capital Helsinki 2012 -vuotta.

Perheet voivat personoida laatikon

Tuomaristoon teki voittaneessa työssä vaikutuksen korkeatasoinen ja toiminnallinen konsepti. Laatikon kuvituksessa on nimensä mukaisesti sukupuu, johon perhe voi kirjoittaa vauvan ja hänen läheisteisensä nimet. Suunnitelma antaa mahdollisuuden personoida laatikko syntyvälle vauvalle. Tuomariston mielestä ideassa tulee hienosti esille ajatus, että vauva syntyy osaksi sukuaan. Voittanut työ sai kiitosta myös vahvasta ja rohkeasta värimaailmasta sekä monipuolisesta pinnastaan.

Uudet laatikot jakoon syksyllä 2012

Ensimmäiset uuden designin mukaiset pakkaukset jaetaan arviolta elokuussa 2012, jolloin äitiyspakkaus seuraavan kerran vaihtuu. Pakkauksen ottaa yli 90 % ensisynnyttäjistä. Se jaetaan vuosittain noin 50 000 perheelle.

Lisätietoja äitiyspakkauksesta ja kilpailutöistä

www.kela.fi/aitiyspakkaus -> Äitiyspakkauskilpailu

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The Department of Design at Aalto University School of Art and Design is looking for a communications and media virtuoso.

The media virtuoso will work in project 365 Wellbeing that belongs to Aalto University’s World Design Capital Helsinki 2012 project portfolio.  His/her responsibilities include documenting the students’ and researchers’ work in the project, help them to document their own work and publish the material in audio visual and textual format.

The main publication channels will be different Internet forums, however, supplemented by print media and others. The media virtuoso will collaborate with student teams, 365 Wellbeing project team, project partners, Aalto University WDC team and Aalto and  Helsinki WDC 2012 communications teams. 

Media virtuoso should

–          Have experience and competence in documenting events

–          Have ability to coordinate public image of a multi-faceted project

–          Have experience in interactive online publication

–          Have technical knowledge of the online platforms

–          Have tolerance, flexibility and experience with hectic project work

–          Have good communications skills in English, preferable in Finnish too

–          Have own initiative and ability to generate creative communication solutions

The post is a fixed term contract starting 1.1.2012 and ending 20.12.2012

The salary will be defined according to Aalto university salary policies. Part time contract can be considered. 

Applications including a motivation letter and CV shall be submitted to rekry-taik(@aalto.fi) as pdf files no later than 15th December 2011.

Additional information from professor Turkka Keinonen (@aalto.fi).

The Department of design is an internationally acknowledged design education and research unit. The department has a team of 40 researchers and about 700 students most of which study on post graduate level. Its research foci are human centered design, cultural design research and sustainable design.

365 Wellbeing will highlight new approaches in design, such as service design and the opportunities it provides for municipal decision-makers, the general public and students. It will shape wellbeing in 12 projects that will be implemented in multicultural groups spanning different scientific fields.

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Critical Studio field trip to Amsterdam

OK Do’s Critical Studio course at Aalto University discusses and experiments with critical and philosophical modes of practicing design or applied art. One of its outcomes will be a publication drawing from dialogues within the class of around 20 students from the Design and Media departments and outside it—for example on a field trip to the Netherlands. There students and editors met up with critically-oriented designers and design publishers.


Why is design all like, like, like? Michèle Champagne from the Amsterdam-based radical That New Design Smell journal gave a presentation of design criticism in a nutshell for the Critical Studio students, encouraging them to express doubts in their work.

Critical Studio is part of the World Design Capital Helsinki 2012 programme.

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