How to use open licensing

Visual Heritage for everyone

All material on this blog is free to use by anyone. We use Creative Commons licensing to specify what you can do with the photographs or mark them as Public Domain if they are old enough (for a normal photo that means 50 years).

How to license your own works

1. Go to: to specify how you allow your works to e used and shared.

We recommend that you allow adaptations which means that others can remix your works. We also recommend to allow commercial use if you want your work to be truly open. Creative Commons licensing always require the user to attribute you as the creator.

2. Copy the code that is automatically generated and paste it by your work. That’s it! Your work can now be used in all kinds of creative ways by anyone!

Are you uploading a historical picture?

Be sure you have the right to share the work, then go to: and follow the same procedure to mark the image as free from any known restrictions.

Do you want to know more? Go to Visual Resources Centre site!