Aalto student measurement drawings online!

Aalto University’s and its predecessor University of Technology’s architecture teaching has for over hundred years included the tradition of measurement drawing. From 1907 to 2014 it was compulsory to prepare a measurement drawing of a significant old building as part of an architect’s education. A collection of thousands of drawings now belong to the Aalto University Archive collection offering an important archive for researchers. In early decades of 1900 drawings were made of medieval churches, later there has been concentration on wooden architecture.

Etelä-Espanadin kioskit Creative Commons LicenseThis work by Kirta Leppo/Aalto University is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

A colorized measurement drawing and a photograph by Signe Barnder/Helsinki City Museum seen at the VRC exhibition. Creative Commons License
This work by Tove Örsted/Aalto University is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Aalto University Archive is currently digitizing the architecture measurement drawing collection, nearly 2000 of them are already available in Aalto-Finna’s archive collection.  The drawings are licensed with CC-BY-NC license and older drawings with a Public Domain license.

Architecture measurement drawings go Junior Hackathon 2018

The measurement drawings took part this spring in Helsinki City Museum’s Junior Hackathon event organized by Open Knowledge Finland and OpenGLAM. In the exhibition at the Visual Resources Centre in the Harald Herlin Learning Centre some digitized drawings as well as children’s outputs and photos from the Junior Hackathon event are on display.

The Kids Corner at Junior Hackathon in Helsinki City Museum, April 2018 Creative Commons LicenseThis work by Teemu Perhiö/Open Knowledge Finalnd is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
More photograps of the event: Open Knowledge Finland on Flickr

Lisätietoja / more information: https://juniorihackathon.fi/

Arkkitehtuurin mittauspiirustukset Aalto-Finnassa / Architecture measurement drawings in Aalto-Finna: https://bit.ly/2InvwpR

Yhteystiedot / contact: arkisto@aalto.fi

Aalto Campus – The Now and Then Challenge

Join a campus memories workshop at the VRC!

Visual Resources Centre (VRC) at the Aalto University Learning Centre

Retake photographs from the 60s and 70s. Find the same spot and angle for a now-and-then experience of the university campus. Learn also about open licensing through Creative Commons licensing tools.

1) Pick one of the pictures that will be given to you at the VRC or choose one of our Campus pictures from Aalto-Finna.
2) Go outside to take a new picture as similar as possible. Use your phone or borrow one of our cameras.
3) Upload your pictures on this blog using the Creative Commons licensing tool, we will guide you to do this. This way your picture will be part of our common heritage and the Aalto University Archival collection!

Go to our Facebook event and click “Going”!
The event is part of Demo Day at the Aalto Learning centre

For more information contact:
Marika Sarvilahti (VRC) or Tove Ørsted (Aalto Archives)

Aalto Amfi

Creative Commons -lisenssi Aalto Amfi 2017, jonka tekijä on Tove Ørsted/Aalto Unviversity, on lisensoitu Creative Commons Nimeä 4.0 Kansainvälinen -lisenssillä.