Porcelain painting for treasures of Arabia

Exhibition of porcelain painting student work at Harald Herlin Learning Centre, VRC

Porcelain decoration class at Ateneum, 1938-1939. Aalto University Archives. CC-BY.

The teaching of porcelain painting began in the Craft School in 1878 just a few years after the Arabia factory began operation. The teaching of “Flower drawing and painting for porcelain and textiles” began in the direction of Fanny Lundahl who had studied in Copenhagen and Paris. Co-operation with Arabia factory soon concentrated on the decoration of porcelain objects and from 1930s the porcelain painting department focused almost entirely on the Arabia factory’s needs.

Porcelain painting, three cups, two saucers from 1950s. Aalto University Archives. CC-BY.

The exhibition at Harald Herlin Learning Centre displays student decoration designs from Aalto University Archives especially for the Greta Lisa Jäderholm-Snellman’s OC mocha cup.

Esteri Tomula. 1945-1946. Decoration for a cup, saucer and coffee pot. Aalto University Archives. All rights reserved.

Some student decoration drawings are also displayed from post-war 1944-1946 classes. The designers include Aalto University alumni such as Esteri Tomula and Erik Bruun. In post-war years the Central School of Industrial Arts suffered severely from lack of space, materials and equipment. Porcelain painting was taught until 1960s after which it merged with the teaching of ceramics.­­­