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Research group VirMa is a fairly new collective at the department of Architecture at the Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture. Our research is focused on Green Infrastructure and Landscape and seeks for new methods to plan for the built and natural structures in an integrated way.

When ecological systems are harnessed by people and used as an infrastructural system it is called green infrastructure. Green infrastructure improves the quality of everyday urban life, but also provides solutions for climate adaption. Urban green structures can promote several ecosystem services such as storm water management, improved air quality and climate regulation, controlling of the heat island effect and increased biodiversity.  Methods of aligning, designing and managing the naturally occurring systems together with engineered ones can solve several problems within the dense urban areas.

Our personal and joint research topics include the following:

  • barriers of implementing green infrastructure solutions in urban planning process
  • methods and tools for optimizing ecosystem services in the built environment
  • storm water management as a backbone for the ecosystem service potential and production in urban landscape
  • storm water management as a part of the urban garden design
  • sustainable maintenance of urban landscapes
  • assessment and monitoring of sustainable urban planning and design

Microsoft PowerPoint - VirMa_esittelyslaidit_draft_28042015.pptx


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