Meet The Labbers


We’re a multidisciplinary, international (from three continents!) team of Aalto University students in the Sustainable Global Technologies programme. We are tasked with seeing the preliminary diagnosis phase of Aalto LAB Mexico’s Uxuxubí project to fruition. We are incredibly excited about this challenge, and we can’t wait to take you on this beautiful journey with us.



From: Kumasi, Ghana

Studies: MSc Geoinformatics

I am an outgoing person with a positive personality. I enjoy football and music a lot and love traveling around the world as well. Strong interest in GIS and Geoinformation technologies and its application in different domains including sustainability and environmental issues. Accepts the challenge of working on practical problems to develop myself, learn new things and try to have fun while doing it :). Positive attitude and good sense of humor.



From: Wausau, Wisconsin, USA

Studies: MSc Creative Sustainability in Business

Hailing from a little town nestled among the forests and farmlands of central Wisconsin, I traded one woodlands for another when I moved to Finland in August 2016 (though there was a long pit stop in Chicago on the way). I’m currently in Aalto’s Creative Sustainability programme learning how to use design thinking and business principles to create sustainable new products and services. I am very excited about taking part in my first big human-centered design project, and I can’t wait to help the residents of Uxuxubí build a model for sustainable, community-led tourism.



From: Kauniainen, Finland                         

Studies: MSc Creative Sustainability in Real Estate

I am an active person who loves to be outside. My happy place is our summer cottage in the Finnish archipelago and my favorite food is Finnish Karjalanpiirakka with egg-butter. I like cooking (especially baking), photography and horse riding. In the future I would love to own a dog. I learnt Spanish during my exchange in Madrid, but don’t get to use it very much. So let’s see how I will manage with the Mexican accent! I love traveling, seeing new places and learning about new cultures. (But I would not call myself very adventurous). I have always been interested in sustainability issues and therefore I’m very happy to able to combine these two interests in this project.