Workshop Schedule:

09:00 Opening and Introductions

09:30 Presentations of Position Papers, 10min + 5min Q&A

  1. Morten Hertzum: User Experience at Work: Four Perspectives on What It May Mean
  2. Parisa Saadati, José Abdelnour-Nocera and Torkil Clemmensen: Proposed System for a Socio-technical Design Framework for Improved User Collaborations with Automation Technologies
  3. Robin De Croon and Katrien Verbert: Opportunities for recommended mental health strategies to reduce stress at work
  4. Hamed Alavi and Denis Lalanne: Comfort as an Interactive Experience in Workspaces: Impact on Health and Productivity

10:30 Coffee Break

11:00 Lightning talks, 4min + 2min Q&A

  1. Ganesh Bhutkar, Aditya Dongre, Shahaji Deshmukh, Lene Nielsen and Jaydeep Joshi: User Persona of Mother of Preterm Neonate
  2. Shrikant Salve, Shubham Bombarde, Ankit Agrawal, Smruti Paldiwal, Bishal Sharma Roy and Bhagyashree Alhat:. Livability- Analysis of People’s Living Comfort in Different Cities of India Using GIS: A Prototype
  3. Priyank Kularia, Ganesh Bhutkar, Sumit Jadhav and Dhiraj Jadhav: Prototype Design of Alert Device for Hearing Impaired Users
  4. Shrikant Salve: Identification of Crop Disease using Augmented Reality- based Mobile App for Indian Farmers: A Prototype
  5. João Carlos Ferreira and João Silva: The “aftermath“ of Industry 4.0 in Small and Medium Enterprises

11:30  Presentations of Position Papers, 10min + 5min Q&A

  1. Torkil Clemmensen and Jacob Nørbjerg: ‘Digital Peer-Tutoring’ with human workers interacting with collaborative robots on the shop floor: Early results from a field evaluation of a company capacity and ‘UX at work’ enhancing learning format
  2. Virpi Roto: Experience design for work tools

12:00  Groupwork on Research agenda & Community building – Round 1

13:00 Lunch

14:00  Groupwork on Research agenda & Community Building – Round 2

14:45  Groupwork on Research agenda & Community Building – Action plan

15:30  Coffee Break

16:00  Panel Discussion on UX@Work Research agenda and the next steps of Community building

17:00  Closing of the official workshop, Preparation of outcomes Poster for INTERACT