Week 3

Hey there!

I’m the other author of this blog (posted by Oligodendroglia for technical reasons), a starting complex systems student and on the course out of pure curiosity towards the human brain. The brain is the sole reason our society got to where it is now and studying something brain related would be very interesting! However, on this course I very early stumbled upon the fact that since I wasn’t able to attend early contact teaching on the course and doing the exercises remotely would give me less points than doing them on spot, I have no motivation to even try to do any subtasks for the course and am somewhat forced to do the course by examination. It is not very pleasent to me, since studying such a large topic just for one examination is a) suboptimal for my learning and b) very likely not to give as good a metric of my knowledge as a continuous evaluation would.

For this reason I find it very disturbing that course personnel think my competence in a quiz is less valuable if I’m not doing the quiz on the spot and only doing it online and the quizzes account for such a vast percentage of overall score. The course would give me so much more should it allow me to prove my skills remotely and there were good online learning tools plus I wasn’t forced to come and sit in the lecture room where professors, although academically very prestigious, give somewhat poor pedagogic teaching in the traditional Finnish rally English. It’s just not for me, maybe it is valuable for another student on this course, who knows. Anyways, I’ll see you guys in the examination in December.


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