Week 1

Greetings to the numerous people reading our learning blog!

Most of the ideas I had this first week relate more to the consept of how to learn the structure and operation of the brain, than the subject itself. For an engineering student, a course that requires pure memorizing of stuff instead of programming or calculating is a true rarity. Thus, the old learning approaches last used in high school need to be rememorized, and the gluteal muscles must be reminded of their purpose.

The most valuable player of the course is definitely Vesa Vahermaa whos insanely good Brainscape flashcards I will definitely use a lot. It’s pretty annoying though to start the course by learning again how the action potential and the neurons work (for example Aalto’s bioinformation technology students have already studied this subject twice in their bachelor program, in the Physiology and the Biophysics courses). Although I do understand that if I want to understand the brain, it’s essential to understand it’s building blocks. I’m hoping that by the end of the course, I’m better able to understand (or to have a less vague idea) the connections between the molecular level, individual neurons and the function of the brain.

Another problem that I will have to face on the course is how to learn to memorize and perfectly write all the wonderful words such as oligodendroglia and boutons en passant. The fact that my biology studies have been mostly in finnish in the past make this even more difficult; it’s pretty difficult to try and tell your brain that the membrane inside cell that is coated with ribosomes is rough endoplasmic reticulum and not karkea solulimakalvosto (aargh).

Quote of the week: The brain obeys the laws of physics.

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