More on neurotransmitters

The course is moving towards online participation, which greatly helps us who has occasional work related commitments also. Great upgrade!

For the subject matter, we are diving to more interesting topics as we deepen the neurotransmitter systems learning.

For me personally, these different kinds of connections are somewhat familiar already by personal study of the Bio hacking, the most recent Silicon valley based fab.

The course material deepens my understanding and makes new connections that I didnt know before. My main interests for this course is to learn how different substances affect my mood, behavior and actions. Is there cure for winter blues that we Finnish suffer from every year. Are the superfoods just placebo, what even is placebo effect? These are my personal concerns that i wish to find the answer to.

The science and theory is interesting obviously, but as an engineer, the everyday applications interest me the most. I hope we continue with more sprinkled hands on examples to bring more understanding to our lives in addition to our knowledge of the brain.

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