Neurotransmitters – the natural messangers

Being unable to attend this week lecture nor exercise session, I had to study this week’s material by reading the course book by myself (that I do every week and I have to admit that my brain is better at learning by reading rather than listening). One thing I also enjoy a lot by reading the book is that, on top of invaluable theory, authors also provide interesting examples as well as history of discoveries.

This week I learnt many exciting things about neurotransmitters, including their synthesis, release (and metabolism that follows) as well as their action in postsynaptic neuron (or cells in general). Concepts are pretty easy to grasp, but I personally find it somehow challenging to learn all the terminology.

Being the kind of person who has every now and then difficulties with getting things started (meaning procrastination/laziness) and relating to things I learned about catecholamines and especially dopamine – a neurotransmitter, that is resposible for (among other things) self-rewarding and personal motivation, I started to wonder whether I might have some sort of imbalance in my dopamine systems. 😀 Might it be that in the future they will invent some sort of a pharmaceutical drug that makes people more motivated at studying/working? (I have heard about amphetamines and the way they can make you more motivated for a period of time, but I would rather look for some less harmful solution and more sustainable solution).

That’s about it for this week, until next time.




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