The action potential has been created (First post)

The learning channels are truly open as the course “Structure and operation of the human brain” kicked of with the start of the autumn semester. For me personally, this is the first course in the Human Neuroscience and Technology minor and really a first course in anything related to chemistry or human anatomy since the high school.

After the first shock of reading the lecture notes with many colorful pictures of cells and nucleus and whatnots, the motivation to learn and really understand what is going on behind my eyes has really kicked in, generating almost an existential crisis when I truly grasped the complexity (and fragility) inside my scull and around my body.

So far we have learned the basics about neurons, neurites and how the signals are generated and moved through axons by a process called action potential and between neurons within synapses. The first steps on the long road before my brain starts to really understand itself.

Since the course is only starting, Im not even sure what kinds of questions to ask. The course book is really thorough but the lectures have felt so far a bit chaotic with two people talking (sometimes the sound is bit low without a microphone) and the questions sometimes interfering the natural flow. Also the exercise questions seemed sometimes a bit off (how will solving these equations aid my understanding of the basic processes?). However these have only been small hiccups that are far out-weighted by the fact, that learning all these new things is just really exciting!

How I imagine the course will continue would be best presented in a popular and very relevant meme:

Until next time.

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