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Open landscape

In his recent blog posting Understanding the implications of Open Citations – how far along are we?, Aaron Tay from Singapore Management University gives a compact and clear overview on open citations. As Tay rightly notes, With the recent interest … Continue reading

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Status update

Just came here to mention briefly that now the new altmetrics app has also a tab for a ggvis graph. I made it to show the comparison between the number of authors and Web of Science citations by Thomson Reuters. … Continue reading

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New take in recent (alt)metrics

Since November last year, quite a lot has been going on in altmetrics and various tools supporting their use. Of course, new research articles has been authored and published, too. A while ago, RStudio launched ShinyApps.io, a hosted version of … Continue reading

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Altmetrics on a web page

A while ago I wrote about altmetrics and did some exercises with our publications. Time to lesson nr 2. Now I wanted to try the ImpactStory JavaScript widget. EDIT 19.12.2013: note that widgets will cease to work mid-January 2014. ImpactStory … Continue reading

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