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Citations are central to scientific communication. Despite increasing doubts in their very-old-school use in measuring impact, citations are still very much alive in that part of academia too. What is nice is that in OpenCitations Corpus (OCC) we have now a steadily growing open source for citations, among other things, something that asks for a quick try.

In their latest blog posting, OCC gives few welcomed examples on SPARQL queries that e.g. return articles that have cited a given DOI.

How much citations does OCC find to our publications? For testing purposes, I used a (cleaned) set of DOIs minted to articles published between 2013 and 2015. As explained e.g. in this slide set, the citing papers are mainly from 2016 or 2017.

For those of you interested, all the code is on GitHub. The file query.R does the querying part, whereas global.R, ui.R, and server.R are the building blocks of a small web app that shows the results.

To get a more accurate picture if you like, I also queried Crossref. How big a percentage the present OCC citation count is from that what Crossref returns, is shown in the Percentage column (median is 14.29%) Note that the comparison is only from those publications that have citations in OCC. That is around 20% from the original set.

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