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Just came here to mention briefly that now the new altmetrics app has also a tab for a ggvis graph. I made it to show the comparison between the number of authors and Web of Science citations by Thomson Reuters. AFAIK you cannot make coordinates dynamic in here, as on the top tab which uses the ggplot2 library.

I struggled for a while with ggvis dynamics, but thanks to excellent advice, managed to solve the problem.

There are some cosmetic issues here and there. With only one item, the ggvis plot looks a bit odd. Also, at least with the Chrome browser, tooltips tend to float around until the graph is rendered again, and some tooltip is fired. Firefox does not show tooltips in the All metrics tab, where the library is rCharts. The table on the Data tab is very wide due to several variables/columms etc.

Note that I’ve used one of the most basic Shiny UI layouts. Possibilities are almost limiteless though, because the interface can be coded from scratch.

Please keep in mind that the library development work of R is done by a busy community, and bugs do occur. Especially the ggvis library is very new and by no means ready.

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