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Some days ago, Alasdair Rae wrote in his blog under the raedar about OA journals under the title A World of Open Access. In there, he had a number of clear charts on various aspects on these journals, based on metadata from the Directory of Open Access Journals DOAJ. Quite an interesting to look at, now when Open Access is a much discussed topic at Finnish universities too.

Last weekend, I followed some of the video streams from the First Nordic Conference on Data Journalism, that took place at Södertörn University in Sweden. One of the hands-on sessions was on Tableau Software, a tool I had never heard about before. It seems to offer a quick way to show views to cleaned, tabular data.

Here is the same metadata from DOAJ (fetched yesterday) that Alasdair used, layed out as three separate views on an interactive Tableau dashboard.

I am not sure how long the viz will be accessible on the Tableau Public web site because it is made with the free 14 day trial version of Tableau Desktop. Hopefully it will stay though.

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