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Hi there,

So my name is Tiina Korvenoja and I’m one of the Aalto scholarship students going to Stanford this summer. Or actually we’re all already in Stanford now and the classes have already started! This summer there’s six of us from different parts of Aalto and I think I speak for all of us when I say that we are incredibly lucky to have this chance!

I should probably introduce myself a bit first. Back in Finland I study in the school of Science in a program called Information Networks and I just finished my Bachelor’s degree there. Actually my study interests lie more within industrial management and especially strategic management and entrepreneurship which is one of the many reasons why I applied to Stanford in the first place. After the summer I will continue my studies in Industrial Engineering and Management to do my master’s there. Workwise my future is still somewhat open but I hope my studies in this field will lead me to some exciting opportunities!

For me getting the scholarship to Stanford was a dream come true. I’d always wanted to study abroad in one of the top universities and didn’t hesitate when they announced the application process for the scholarship. So here I am now, studying in the hot and beautiful California and listening to top professors and CEOs in my classes – wouldn’t have it any other way!

My courses here include Technology Entrepreneurship, Leading Trends in IT and Intermediate Swimming. At this point I still don’t know if I get in to all of my classes (this year some have so many participants that they won’t take everyone to the class…) so as an alternative I have Introduction to Sports Science, which is something totally out of my field but fits my passion for sports rather well! Anyhow, I had my first classes this week and they were all so good, I must say I’m inspired! Really looking forward to these eight weeks I have here!

I have to mention that Stanford has a lot to offer besides studies as well. Basically it has it all. I’ve been here only for 4 days now and I must say that I’m overwhelmed to say the least! There is just so much to do, sports facilities are great, campus is beautiful, food is tasty and people are awesome. I love the international environment here!

This is all for now, I’ll be writing more about Stanford and my studies here during the summer! And if you have anything to ask, eg. if you’re planning to apply next year, you can always comment or email me, I have the normal Aalto email in use 🙂


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