Last words

Some time has passed after leaving the Branner Hall and Stanford campus for the last time, so now it is a good moment for my last words regarding the amazing summer experience I had at Stanford.

At first I want to thank Aalto for making the summer possible. I hope that the investment will pay off later in a way or another, and that this program produces also something else than just our individual (but still amazing!) experiences.

After reading Suse’s and Tiina’s posts I feel that almost everything important has been already said. I can especially agree with them that you should also do things outside the organized programs with your new friends – at least my best summer experiences were from this kind of trips. In addition to the things Suse and Tiina mentioned, I want to remind that it is also possible to explore what kind of research is done at Stanford in your own study area. During my stay I contacted the head professor of the Structures and Composites Laboratory, and got a chance to attend their weekly meeting and visit their laboratory. Discussion with their PhD students gave a good overview what it is like to do postgraduate studies at Stanford.

If you are wondering whether you should apply to the program, I only have one advice: go for it! It might be one of the best decisions you will ever make.

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