Blueberry Nights at Nuuksio

It’s mid-July and the first Mustikat begins to ripen and show their characteristic dark blue color between the conifer trees and the marshes. It’s the start of the berry-picking season and one of my favorite places to find blueberries is the Nuuksio National Park.

Nuuksion kansallispuisto was established in 1994. It’s only 30 km from the city center of Helsinki and easy to reach with public transport. From Aalto University you can take the metro and bus to Esbo and from there the 245A bus will take you right to the start of Nuuksio’s hiking trails.

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Campus Gardening


In the middle of our Campus in Otaniemi unfolds an area of brilliant green. If you have a passion for the vegetable world or simply a curiosity for gardening then the Otaniemi Urban Gardening Association might be just the place for you.

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