Fun ways to enjoy the rest of summer in Espoo

There are only couple of weeks of summer vacation left and then we all get back to studies or work. However, the weather is still amazing and we should take maximum advantage of these sunny days, because well, “winter is coming”! So here are few ideas on how to spend the last days of summer near campus:

Enjoy some water sports in Keilaniemi. In sports center Laguuni, you can try wakeboarding, SUP boarding, kayaking or have fun in aquapark. I love SUP boarding, it challenges your balance and activates your core! I hope to try wakeboarding in the upcoming weekend as well!

More info here:

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Master‘s Program in Real Estate Economics

I have recently graduated from Real Estate Economics (REC) program so, today I would like to tell about this program and share some insights and pieces of advice.

Even though the name of the program sounds like it would belong to the Business School, it is actually organized by Engineering School of Aalto University. The program consists of major studies (60 ECTS), elective studies (30 ECTS) and Master´s thesis (30 ECTS) and by standard should take you 2 years to complete. Major studies will educate you on the management, valuation and investment analysis of commercial real estate, market analysis, real estate law and land management. You can check the full curriculum here.

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How I get part-time jobs in Aalto University?

There’re quite some job opportunities inside the campus. The building is Aalto School of Business.

It is such a crazy and tough time for everyone in this pandemic storm. Still, I want to congratulate all the new students accepted in Aalto University. I hope being accepted into a great university cheers you up. Quite some new students are interested in how to find a part-time job inside the campus. I’d like to share my experience here.

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Occupation for Introverts

For an introvert, the first weeks at any place are always the worst. Forced social interactions, no routine or familiar faces and the feeling of non-belonging constantly lurking around. So I wasn’t really keen on what was announced as my first lecture. A 90 students and 9 professor strong compulsory beginner course for 1st year students of the Department of Media. UMAD – Understanding media art and design was the very first course in my very first week at Aalto University.

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Summer in campus – nothing to do?

Summer is the favourite season for all Finns. It is finally getting warm, you can take off winter jackets, take longer strolls along the seashore… Many students are visiting their home towns/countries, many have summer jobs. The campus is much quieter these days. But it does not mean there is nothing else to do!

cherries blossom all around Helsinki in May

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FAQs for new Aalto students Part 1 (updated in April 2020)

Congratulations and Welcome to Aalto University!
Here are some frequently asked questions.

Please see all up to date information on admissions and the beginning of your studies on Aalto’s website ( or by contacting Aalto’s Admissions Services (admissions (at) or your programme’s student services.

♣Student housing

  • Two student housing organizations: Ayy & Hoas. Please apply for both once you accept the study offer. New students have higher priorities for getting a student housing. Please be aware that Ayy and Hoas could not accommodate all students.

When will I get a housing offer?

  • Ayy (Aalto Student Union) will only provide a housing offer one month prior to your request, for example, if you request to start on 01.08, the offer will be given in July not before.

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Metal casting – the coolest workshop ever!

My first bronze sculptures.

The metal casting workshop is the coolest one I’ve ever had in my life. There are beauty and surprises beyond description in each step. Honestly, I didn’t know there’s a foundry lab in Aalto University until I was accepted to the advanced metal casting workshop and stepped into a building I’ve never been to. Even after studying in Aalto for almost 2 years, there are still more surprises to discover, the excitement is like finding easter eggs after a long search.

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Entrepreneurship education – Aalto Ventures Program


I met Sami Tuomi last summer in Climate-Kic summer journey. Aalto Ventures Program was in charge of entrepreneurship trainings. He always gave us insightful and honest opinions towards our business plans when we were searching new solutions for climate change. All 40 students from different European universities and 19 countries gained solid trainings of entrepreneurship. Thanks to Aalto Ventures Program, I received my first holistic entrepreneurship training.

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