The most photo worthy spots at Aalto University, in Espoo and Helsinki

Do you like taking pictures? Do you want to take some amazing photographs and post them on your Instagram account? Or are you simply looking for places to visit?

If you answered any of these questions with a “Yes” this post is definitely for you! Kasia and Madina collected 8 ideas of the greatest photogenic spots nearby Aalto. Click “Read more” and hopefully, get inspired by the post.

1. Aalto University

You don’t have to go far to take great photos for your Instagram feed. There are many photogenic spots at the campus. For example, you can visit Harald Herlin Learning Centre or take a walk to one of the piers.

Harald Herlin Learning Centre is located at Otaniementie 9.

One of my favourite places to study is Harald Herlin Learning Centre at the campus. You can write your assignments in one of many holes in the wall or…
photo©Katarzyna Kiewlicz

Read a book while sitting in a hanging chair. Photo© Katarzyna Kiewlicz

Enjoy the view! Photo©Inkar Mizambek

Student housing on campus looks so instagrammable as well! Photo©Inkar Mizambek

2. University of Helsinki Metro Station

On your way to the Helsinki city center, you can take off the metro at the University of Helsinki metro station. While going up the escalator, you have a chance to capture some cute photographs. The station is famous for its neons, which you can see in the background of the photos below. Be careful about the mirror reflection – you don’t want others to notice any strangers.

Taking pictures on the escalator is a way to use your time efficiently to enrich your ig feed.  

Don’t forget to smile!

Take pictures with neons in the background and don’t forget about the reflection.

3. Helsinki Cathedral

Helsinki Cathedral, Helsingin tuomiokirkko in Finnish, is one of the most famous spots in Helsinki. You must take a picture with it in the background! The cathedral is visible from many places around the city. The first picture was taken at the Senate Square and the second one from Uspensky Cathedral.

I took the picture on the first day after I moved to Espoo to capture the memory.

Madina posing with the beautiful Helsinki panorama in the background. Photo©Katarzyna Wojdalska

4.Uspenski Cathedral

Uspenski Cathedral towering over the island neighborhood of Katajanokka, is the largest orthodox church in Western Europe. With its golden cupolas and red brick facade, the church is one of the clearest symbols of the Russian impact on Finnish history. It is definitely worth taking a picture with this beautiful piece of architecture!

The red bricks and blue sky make a unique contrast when you take a picture from the bottom! Photo©Katarzyna Wojdalska

Try different angles! Photo©Madina Muratova

5. Coastal area

On the lovely shores of Helsinki, there are many fascinating locations to walk and take awesome pictures. Merihaka is an urban area that offers a relaxed atmosphere, reflecting a certain age of local architecture with sea views and its grey concrete buildings. As it is located close to the Helsinki Central Railway Station it is very comfortable to get there by cycling, biking or public transport from the city centre.

Cool place to relax and walk by the seashore. Photo©Inkar Mizambek

Colorful boats and picturesque view to the sea will make the photo atmospheric.

6. Amos Rex

Have you ever heard about the modern art museum Amos Rex located in Helsinki? The museum is connected with the Lasipalatsinaukio square in which all photographs were taken. You can enter the square from all sides for free. There are many glass windows placed in brick wide chimneys and a high white tower with a clock.

On Lasipalatsinaukio you can find many different designs to pose with.

You can walk on them, sit on them or jump on. Feel free to be creative!

There is a beautiful tower you definitely want to capture.

7. Cafe Regatta

Cafe Regatta in Töölö remains one of the most popular cafes in Helsinki, with beautiful views over the waters especially during the sunset. There you can taste fresh cinnamon buns with hot chocolate, roast sausages in the courtyard of the cafe  and  keep yourself warm during the chilly fall evenings.Take some beautiful pictures and just feel the real Finnish romance!

This adorable place is a hotspot for the nice pictures due to its fancy charm! Photo©Katarzyna Wojdalska

Cozy place for any season around the year. Photo©Madina Muratova

8.Colorful houses

You certainly can not leave “the most colorful street in Helsinki” off a photo list! Street space of Huvilankatu is known for its row of vivid facades, frequently seen in Helsinki art nouveau photographs. There you can take some “street-style” photos which definitely will make your Instagram feed look magnificent!

Imitate walking across the street and take some cool pictures! Photo©Katarzyna Wojdalska

Try different filters to make the picture more vivid. Photo©Madina Muratova

Use a single color to make the background simple, but unique! Photo©Katarzyna Wojdalska

If you look for vibrant colours and architecture, fancy background and beautiful locations for photos you should definitely visit the above-mentioned places. Hopefully, this blog post will inspire you to explore the city and capture the moments!  Different angles, creative ideas, and bright memories!

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