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In the middle of our Campus in Otaniemi unfolds an area of brilliant green. If you have a passion for the vegetable world or simply a curiosity for gardening then the Otaniemi Urban Gardening Association might be just the place for you.

Next to the Ossinlampi pond where families of ducks teach their offspring to swim and dive lies the Martti Levón Park. Here in the green heart of the campus are 45 gardening plots available for students and staff of Aalto University and anyone active in Otaniemi.

The size of a plot is between 7 and 24 square meters and cost around 45 to 100 € per year.

As a gardener you can make use of the tools in the common tool shed. The Association is dedicated to the ethical values of sustainable gardening and that’s why pest and weed control toxins are strictly prohibited. Every member commits to organic gardening!

The application period for a plot usually opens in March and the decision follows in April. You can rent the tiny gardens for yourself or with a group of friends and enjoy a summer harvesting your own lettuce, beans or zucchinis in the company of curious birds and geese who stroll by the park.

Ossinlampi Pond.

Every plot has a wooden boxes where you can store all your tools

The first shoots of the season.

The geese are regular visitors at the Martii Levón Park

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Dominik Fleischmann
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