Blooming spring and summer in Finland

Big hares and rabbits are bouncing everywhere in Helsinki. Even in  the residence area. Foxes are spotted from time to time as well.

I remember the first week after I moved to Finland, I was walking home after a long day at Aalto, there’s a black figure sitting in the dark ahead on my path near a small forest. I couldn’t figure out what it was, until it bounced away. Wow…that’s a big hare! After few weeks, I got used to seeing hares, squirrels, rabbits everywhere in Helsinki and Espoo. Not long ago, I even spotted two white-tailed deers next to a residensial area with hares and squirrels running around them. Just like walking into a Disney animation scene.

In addition to a lot of wild animals in the city, all kinds of flowers are blooming through the Finnish spring and summer. I get to see new flowers every week anywhere by walking down the streets. It’s a pity that I don’t know all of their names.

Finnish national flower – Lily of the valley. Finnish name – Kielo. White tiny bell-like flowers with sweet scents.

This can stick to your pants.

Like mad claws.

So many dandelions in the spring, when the wind blows, seeds flying in the air like white snows dancing in the sunlight.

After living in Finland for a while, you will also get used to seeing hares’ butts and long lets running away from you.

Saw a stunning halo on my way to a BBQ party.

I love Finnish spring and summer. So lively and beautiful everywhere. Long daytime with only few dark hours at night makes me feel energetic and cheerful everyday. This definitly helps ease the stress of writing my master’s thesis. Now I’m entering the last stage of my study at Aalto and looking forward to opening a new chapter in my life.

Hsiao-Pei Liao
MA Creative Sustainability

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