Junction Hackathon 2019 is happening in Aalto! Check the Interview with Junction

Patrik Holopainen, Head of Community, introduces Junction and its major events in the interview. Junction organizes hackathons in Aalto campus every year, starting from 2015. Junction Hackathon attracts around 1500 hackers with multidisciplinary backgrounds, who are from more than 100 different countries. They gather together to solve challenges in the 48-hour hackathon though a weekend.

Junction Hackathon 2019 takes place in Aalto campus.

This year, starting from Nov 15th Friday afternoon till Sunday. Junction hackathon 2019 takes place in Väre at Aalto Universtiy, where School of Arts, Design & Architecture locates and School of Business building. The space and the campus has been transformed to host the biggest hackathon in Europe.

Except for hosting Junction hackathon every year, Junction also organizes online hackathon challenges and started JunctionX program from 2018 to expand the hackathon movement outside of Finland to reach the global community. JunctionX has been taking place in 10 countries in just 2 year.

1500 participants brainstorm to solve real-life challenges in Väre.

School of Business building has a lively and exciting atmosphere.

Junction welcomes talented participants from more than 100 countries.

Participants are interested in Ayy challenge of smart signage.

Aalto is proud to partner with Junction and welcome all the talented hackers to create a better future together in our campus. This is going to be such an exciting weekend. Good luck to all the participants!

Hsiao-Pei Liao,
Master program of Creative Sustainability 

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