Wave Ventures – the first student-run VC fund in the Nordics.

CEO Oskari Tempakka and Investment Manager Julia Jutila (Aalto master student studying Industrial Engineering and Management) introduce wave ventures and how it helps early-stage startups to reach their first peak. In the end of the interviews, both of them give advice to new Aalto students who are interested in entrepreneurship.

A bold blend of ambitious young minds, experienced partners and venture capital. – wave ventures.

As CEO, Oskari Tempakka, mentioned in the interview, a student-run VC fund was the missing piece in the thriving student-run startup ecosystem in Helsinki. That’s why wave ventures was founded in early 2017 by students from Aalto University and University of Helsinki. Since then, Wave operates two offices in Helsinki and Stockholm by a team of 8 students with diverse backgrounds. It provides funding for early-stage startups, so far, 16 startups are invested by wave ventures. Check their portfolios.

As a student-run team, wave ventures operates close to universities. It is keen on providing overall service to help first-time founders navigate their path, as Oskari said in the interview. Besides, wave ventures has a close relationship with Startup Sauna, situating in Aalto campus.

If you’re interested in startups and looking for funding, you can approach wave ventures in Maria 01 or Startup Sauna or just send them an email.

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