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I met Sami Tuomi last summer in Climate-Kic summer journey. Aalto Ventures Program was in charge of entrepreneurship trainings. He always gave us insightful and honest opinions towards our business plans when we were searching new solutions for climate change. All 40 students from different European universities and 19 countries gained solid trainings of entrepreneurship. Thanks to Aalto Ventures Program, I received my first holistic entrepreneurship training.

My encounter with Aalto Ventures Program dated back to 2017 when I took “Advanced Storytelling”, which is taught by formal American Ambassador, Bruce Oreck, to Finland. That was an empowering course to bring out students’ strengths on public speaking. I was inspired deeply.

Aalto Ventures Program is open for everyone. Every student can take courses or take it as a minor. The program offers trainings of entrepreneurship skills.

Except for courses, there are also international study trips to broaden student’s learning experience in different countries. AVP organizes workshops and talks related to entrepreneurship through the whole year, such as pitching skills, AVP Thought Leader’s Talks and so on.

AVP also organizes summer schools. The topic of 2019 summer school is Creating Multidimensional Experiences (from 29 July – 16 August 2019).

Learn how to create immersive experiences that cross the digital and physical space with multidisciplinary teams of international students. (AVP)


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This year, Aalto Ventures Program organizes the summer school with Flow music festival to provide students a unique experience.

Apply for Aalto Ventures Program 2019 Summer School. 

Learn more about Aalto Ventures Program:

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Helsinki is famous for its friendly entrepreneurship ecosystem for startups. Aalto Ventures Program benefit students who wants to be entrepreneurs or learn how to scale up the business. No matter which school you are in, what program you’re studying, Aalto Ventures Program welcomes everyone to join the journey together to bring ideas alive.

Hsiao-Pei Liao,
Creative Sustainability Master Program

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