My visit to Teekkari Museum

Teekkari (technical students) museum is a must visit place at Aalto University. It preserves a great history of teekkaris. Some of the items are over 2 centuries old. Moreover, it brings together different components of teekkari culture in one place. In this post, I’ll introduce you to some major elements of teekkari culture but this is, by no means, a substitute for a visit to teekkari museum.

From the museum, you can find for example an overalls and Teekkari caps, the most prestigious symbol of a teekkari community. It’s design dates back to 1893. This cap is to be worn from 1st May to 30th September. Apart from these dates, special permission is required to wear this cap on occasions such as excursions or graduation ceremonies.

Color of the overalls represents the Guild, e.g. computer science guild has black overalls. You can sew various badges on it which they get from different events, parties and excursions. You are not supposed to wash overalls. It gets dirtier with your participation in various activities, the dirtier the better.

Some older designs of overalls.



Julkku (Wappu magazine). Wappu is celebrated on 1st of May as the summer day. Teekkaris sell Wappu magazines, make sure you grab your copy this Wappu.


All the way from Russia.


Yes, the museum has many antiquities as well, this cashier machine is one of them.


Paavo, a very famous Finnish athlete. Spoiler alert: There is a very famous story associated with this statue and teekkaris and you will hear it multiple times at Aalto. Sorry, not telling it right now.


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