Babi, reporting from Tokyo …

Everything happened very fast. One day I was opening my mailbox and reading the message from Saara and Katri that I was nominated as one of the Aalto Ambassadors and in, what it felt like less then a week, I was sitting in the train, looking through the window and arriving at the crazy massive city of Tokyo. Since my departure from my exchange time in Tokyo in February of this year, I wanted to come back, but it didn’t cross my mind that it would be still in the same year. The feeling was amazing! Plus, I was filled with the thrill of being entrusted with the task of representing Aalto students. I was carrying my ‘thematic’ bag and heading to Tama Art University (my exchange university) and Sokei Academy of Fine Art & Design.

My ‘thematic’ suitcase


At these universities, I was going to talk about Aalto University, but also about my own process of ending up there: what were my expectations, how did I prepare for it and my experiences in Aalto so far. It felt very natural for me to talk about them and go through those memories. And I had an incredible response from the audience both times. Like I wrote in my report from the presentations:

“The face-to-face moments is something you can’t find on the website. Having this close contact with the students helps their plans become more concrete and achievable. It is super interesting to realize that I have knowledge that matters a lot to others. What I feel as a daily task here, is still a question mark to someone. And it is very rewarding to be able to share and help! “

Tama Art University audience 

Presentation 01-a

Ambassadors, be ready to answer many many many questions! 😀

The prospective students were very engaged, after the lecture, in the Q&A moment. It was a huge surprise even for the teachers, since they thought the students might be too shy to ask. Most of the questions concerned practical living matters, which is understandable since it is a big change in your life. They wanted to know about living costs, how and where the student housing looks like. Also if everyone really does speak English and if they will have someone to assist them if they need help for any kind of issue. Further, they asked a lot of questions about my courses and my outcomes. All of these I was glad to be able to answer!

I believe I was the first ambassador to start the visits and it is a great feeling that all went smooth and well. Much luck to the next ambassadors, let’s make this network huge and amazing! And for you that is an Aalto-to-be person, keep your eyes open because an ambassador can be around your city at any time!

Presentation 01b


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