Week 7. Wiring the brain

When I read in the textbooks about how many neurons, glial cells, or neural connections exist in the human brain, it is always unimaginable.  And as unimaginable is for me to visualize in my mind such enormous neural system, it was simply impossible to wonder about the wiring process of that magnificent, delicate and sophisticated network.

I think that one of the most challenging questions in neuroscience is to understand this process and all the possible implications of failures, and of course, the human nature, to understand how we can manipulate the process, in order to heal diseases and prevent conditions.   And, of course, this challenge cannot be faced but with an interdisciplinary approach. Even if we know that neuroscience is an interdiscipline, it is necessary to collaborate with a lot of different sciences and fields in order to comprehend a little bit more about this very precise process of genesis of cells and connections in the brain.

In this process, there are a lot of questions that are waiting to be responded, all of them very exciting from a scientific point of view, but also with a perspective of better quality of life for those struggling with neuronal disorders or deteriorations. From autism to genius, from Alzheimer’s to photographic memory, from cerebral palsy to epilepsy, the study of the wiring of brain is fundamental to comprehend and address the human neuro-diversity.

Posted by Gloria Mendoza Franco

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