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Benford, S., Greenhalgh, C., Giannachi, G., Walker, B., Marshall, J., Rodden, T. Uncomfortable User Experience. Communications of the ACM. Vol 56, No 9. 2013

CHI article on the cover of the CACM = must read. Benford et al.’s article is about creating and utilizing uncomfortable user experiences in design. The authors derive examples and ideas from art, media and amusement parks. The main idea … Continue reading

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Wright, P. & McCarthy, J. Empathy and Experience in HCI. CHI 2008 Proceedings. 637-646.

The article takes Winograd’s legendary suggestion (in 1996) for the theme for next generation of software design & HCI, i.e. ‘designing for the full range of human experience’, as a starting point and then reviews emerging UX methodologies from a … Continue reading

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Boztepe, S. (2007) User Value: Competing theories and models. International Journal of Design, 1(2), 55-63.

Boztepe’s article provides an overview of different theories and models relating to value and relevant for design. The paper aims to cover definitions of value, types and properties of user value, and methodological approaches to value. The main contribution to … Continue reading

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Wright et al. (2006) User Experience and the Idea of Design in HCI

Wright et al. argue for new approaches for ideas of design in HCI based on the evolving concept of user. The proposition of the article is twofold: 1) there is a need for design-as-craft approach for complementing prevailing design-as-engineering approach, … Continue reading

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Kari Kuutti. 2010. Where are the Ionians of user experience research?. In Proceedings of the 6th Nordic Conference on Human-Computer Interaction: Extending Boundaries (NordiCHI ’10). ACM, New York, NY, USA, 715-718.

The paper is written by Kari Kuutti, Department of Information and Processing Science at University of Oulu. The author was not satisfied with the Germany, 3 days seminar organised by Virpi Roto and others. According to him the discussion was … Continue reading

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