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Fronemann, N., & Peissner, M. (2014, October). User experience concept exploration: user needs as a source for innovation. In Proceedings of the 8th Nordic Conference on Human-Computer Interaction: Fun, Fast, Foundational (pp. 727-736). ACM.

User experience (UX) has become more and more important, as successful products need to provide opportunities for enjoyment and user engagement in addition to good usability. UX includes anticipation of usage, usage itself and reflection on the use. The authors … Continue reading

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Christensen, C. M., Cook, S., & Hall, T. (2005). Marketing Malpractice. Harvard Business Review, 83(12), 74-83.

The article proposes a change to companies’ marketing strategies. The authors claim that “the job, not the customer, is the fundamental unit for analysis for a marketer who hopes to develop products that customers will buy”. The claim has an … Continue reading

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