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Mehlenbacher, B. et al. (2010) Social media for sustainable engineering communication, SIGDOC’10

I came across this article when I was looking for paper that discusses how engineering communication can be supported. However, the concept engineering communication in the title was a bit misleading, since paper turned out to be a general literature … Continue reading

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Barker, P. (2008) How Social Media Is Transforming Employee Communications at Sun Microsystems, Global Business and Organizational Excellence, vol. 27 (4). pp. 6-14

As suspected based on the author’s title and paper’s title, this was quite commercial paper. But is has concerete examples how Sun uses social media. They started from the idea of turning traditional top-down communication upside down. Also their global … Continue reading

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Hwang, T., Pearce, I. & Nanis, M. 2012. Socialbots: voices from the fronts. interactions 19, 2

This interaction article has an interesting take on social media and interesting format for an article. The article includes four small case articles written by other people. The authors are kind of editors. Although, not very deep or theoretical, the … Continue reading

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