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Spinuzzi, C. 2002. A Scandinavian challenge, a US response: methodological assumptions in Scandinavian and US prototyping approaches. In Proceedings of the 20th annual international conference on Computer documentation SIGDOC’02, ACM, October 20-23, 2002, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Spinuzzi introduces a philosophical question about the goal for the design. The question is based on historical events starting from Ehn’s UTOPIA project, leading to CARD and PICTIVE projects, and finally ending to Beyer and Holtzblatt’s contextual design. In short, … Continue reading

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GOULD, J.D. AND LEWIS, C. 1985. Designing for usability: key principles and what designers think. Communications of the ACM 28, 3, 300-311

Legends of UCD Gould and Lewis reported their famous Key principles for Design. These were later extended and adapted to most of our standards etc. I’d say a truly seminal work, and a solid start for any historic reminiscence. Three … Continue reading

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Ehn, P. & Kyng, M. (1991) Cardboard Computers: Mocking-it-up or Hands-on the Future

Ehn and Kyng are pioneers of participatory design. Article “Cardboard Computers” is a HCI classic. The article describes a project where newspaper professionals (maker-ups) initialized a project to look for alternative solutions for existing computer page makeup solutions. The computer … Continue reading

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