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Brix, A 2009, ‘Does user-driven design drive design-driven users?: Reflections on the conceptual framing of user informed design processes’, Seoul, South Korea, 30-06-10,

Brix’s article challenges the idea that user-centered approach to design is required in order to ensure usable designs. While the article agrees that involving users to design process is one way to do design, it challenges the dominance of user-driven … Continue reading

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Bodker, K. & Strandgaard, P. Workplace Cultures: Looking at Artifacts, Symbols and Practices. In Greenbaum, J. & Kyng, M. (eds.) Design at Work: Co-operative Design of Computer Systems. 1991. pp. 121-136.

The article explains a cultural studies informed approach on doing user research in work context. The authors see workplaces as individual cultures which values and beliefs have grown out of experiences of the members of the workplace and have been … Continue reading

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Martinsons, M.G., Davison, R.M. & Martinsons, V. How Culture Influences IT-enabled Organizaitional Change and Information Systems. Communications of ACM, April 2009, pp. 118-123.

The article presents the results of a study of 12 business process re-engineering cases in six countries. Hofstede’s cultural dimensions were used as background theory for defining the culture in the studied countries. The results are very much in line … Continue reading

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