Olsson, T., Krkkinen, T., Lagerstam, E., & Vent-Olkkonen, L. (2012). User evaluation of mobile augmented reality scenarios.Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Smart Environments,4(1), 29-47.

Olsson et al. (2012) presented an online survey study that aimed to gain an understanding of potential users expectations of AR and to evaluate specific use scenarios that demonstrate various aspects of mobile AR services. They evaluated the user acceptance of five different mobile AR scenarios. Their research was based on the user-centered design (UCD) approach where users expectations and needs must be placed on first priority to increase possibilities of developing succesful services. In this approach it is important to evaluate concepts and solutions as early as possible and also iterate the process several rounds to ensure their acceptance. Researchers say that UCD approach is especially important with new technologies that have few demonstrators or services available.

In their research those scenarios demonstrating pragmatic relevance and usefulness for the user were valued over pleasure oriented ones. AR was seen usefull as providing contextually relevant information putting it easily available and for example saving users time and effort. In their survey most participants wanted to receive only that kind of information that is meaningful in the current situation and context.

Olsson et al. (2012) noted that users expectations were highly depented on their technology orientation. Those users who were more technologically oriented also evalueted scenarios more positively and they would more willingly accept AR services in use. Highly technologically oriented people were also more willing to try out these services that the less oriented.


Anu Seisto was presenting their AR results when speaking with topic Human-driven approach to internet of things in seminar 28.5.2014. They had made an AR-case study with Elle-magazine readers by facilitating Sparkly iPhone App. Both the presentation and the article focused on users reactions on AR. Both the article and presentation confirmed me how crucial it is to figure out users actual needs and exceptations when designing new solutions.

– Olli T.

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