Isomursu, M., Kuutti, K. and Vainamo, S. (2004) Experience clip: Method for user participation and evaluation of mobile concepts. In Proceedings of the eighth conference on Participatory design: Artful integration: interweaving media, materials and practices (PDC 04), Vol. 1, pp. 83-92.


In Experience Clip, a pair of users from the passers by is invited to participate in the evaluation of a mobile application in the use of which moving around is central. They gave the evaluated application to the other participant, and a mobile phone with video shooting capability to the other. The one with the mobile phone was instructed to take video clips as the other participant is using the application.

The video clips revealed typical usage patterns, but also expressions of emotions and usability issues. As the users seemed to enjoy observing each other, the usage situations in the video clips appeared natural even when they occassionally were performances created solely for the designers to make their point clear and recommending better solutions.

As requirements for the use of Experience Clip, the authors urge the participants to be well instructed on what they are expected to do and capture on the video clips, and also to have motivated and willing participants. The setting of having participants of equal status produces natural settings for acting and commenting, and for expressing emotions, expectations and even improvements for the applications.

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