Höysniemi, J., Hämäläinen, P. and Turkki, L. (2003) Using peer tutoring in evaluating the usability of a physically interactive computer game with children. Interacting with Computers, Vol. 15, No. 2, pp. 203-225.

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DOI= 10.1016/S0953-5438(03)00008-0

This study used peer tutoring to evaluate an interactive computer game with children. They used either a pair of children or one child at a time to teach the use of the game to another child. This way, the interaction between an adult and a child was minimised, and the ease of learning and teaching to use the game could be assessed. The researchers noticed that especially the part where the children became tutors gave a lot of information about the usability of the game, whereas the role of the tutee kept the children pretty quiet.

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