Hackman G.S. and Biers, D.W. (1992) Team Usability Testing: Are two Heads Better than One? Proceedings of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Annual Meeting, October 1992; vol. 36, 16: pp. 1205-1209.

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DOI= 10.1177/154193129203601605

Hackman and Biers made studies to compare the performance of a single user alone, a single user with an observer and a pair of users all using the thinking aloud method. Their results showed that the presence of an observer did not have an effect on the users’ performance or quality of thinking aloud statements. If the number of statements of moderate to high value to designers were divided to the single users in a pair, there was no significant difference in the users’ performance or quality of statements between single or pair activity. Nevertheless, the same amount of valuable statements and parts of interface were detected in half the time in one paired-user test as in two single user tests.

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