Eppler, M.J., (2011) What is an Effective Knowledge Visualization? Insight from a Review of Seminal Concepts, 15th International Conference on Information Visualisation

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Paper discusses different concepts related to knowledge visualization. My interest was on the concepts ‘conscription device’ and ‘boundary object’ (in particular, on conscription devices). Boundary objects have different meanings in different contexts, but their structure is common enough to more that one professional community to make them recognizable means of translation.

Paper lists three knowledge visualization principles that can be derived from conscription device concept and concepts close to it:

  • visual unfreezing – visualization must be able to be switched from a fixed mode to flexible, modifiable mode and back.
  • visual discovery – visualization must provide assistance for reasoning, reflection, and linking items in a new ways so as to facilitate new discoveries from the shared insights.
  • visul playfulness – the visual should provide playful mechanisms to reframe issues and cajole participants into a different mindset and thus generate new insights and intesify collaboration

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