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Aurisicchio et al. (2010), Understanding how the information requests of aerospace engineer designers influence information-seeking behaviour, Journal of Engineering Design, 21(6), pp.707-730

Information seeking research area looks at different information sources where from engineers acquire information. This paper goes deeper into the information seeking area than my research focus, since I investigate information flows, but not focus on information source or its … Continue reading

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Bechky, B.A. 2003, “Sharing Meaning across Occupational Communities: The Transformation of Understanding on a Production Floor”, Organization Science, vol. 14, no. 3, pp. 312-330.

I read this paper again to see what was written about context related to boundary objects. Because of different contexts of designers, technicians and assemblers they cannot simply transfer knowledge but transform it. Engineers have conceptual locus of practice since … Continue reading

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Heisig, P. et al. (2010) Exploring knowledge and information needs in engineering from the past and for the future – results from a survey, Design Studies, 31 (5), pp. 499-532

Paper looks at the knowledge and information needs on engineers and managers throughout the whole product life-cycle. Online survey was used to collect data, and 137 responses were received. Altogether 69 categories emerged from current knowledge and information needs and … Continue reading

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Leino, S.-P., Pulkkinen, A. (2012) Design for Human – Virtual Engineering is a Media for Knowledge Transfer, Design2012

Paper describes how virtual engineering can help in knowledge transfer during product life-cycle. It argues that virtual environments can help in bidirectional product life-cycle communication. Product data is looked at different abstraction levels, and knowledge on tacit-explicit scale. Virtual environments … Continue reading

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