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Understanding users’ experience of interaction

Sascha Mahlke has written a paper called Understanding users’ experience on interaction. The paper introduces theoretical background to understanding users’ experience of interaction, a model of the user experience process and four experience dimensions. From Mahlke’s point of view user … Continue reading

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At the heart of interaction design

Lauralee Alben has written an article called At the Heart of Interaction which claims that human experience–not technology–is the essence of interactive design. It takes heart, passion, truth, common sense, a sense of discovery and vision to create a good … Continue reading

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Beyond Usability: Evaluating Emotional Response as an integral Part of the User Experience

Research on Emotions is important in the current HCI as they influence any person’s satisfaction and acceptance for any product. One important quote “People work more efficiently and are creative problem solvers when they are happy”. Even some studies have … Continue reading

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ISO 9241-210: Ergonomics of human–system interaction — Part 210: Humancentered design for interactive systems

This ISO standard discusses about designing interactive systems using human-centered design approach. The standard does not provide any specific design methodology for designing effective interactive systems. But, it gives a complementary human-centered design approach that can be fitted into any … Continue reading

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Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (1990) – Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience

This review focuses more on the beginning of the book, especially on the chapter III State of flow experience – Attention is freely invested into achieving goals making boring routines become purposeful and enjoyable. Self grow/complex self: Differentiation: movement towards … Continue reading

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Matthew Lombard &Theresa Ditton (1997) – At the Heart of It All: The Concept of Presence

Presence – “Being there”: social richness, realism, transportation, immersion, social actor within medium & as social actor Social realism – Content seems realistic Perceptual realism – Looks seems realistic Examples of realism: Media pesonality is incorrectly perceived as a social … Continue reading

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Cockton, G. (2006). Designing Worth is Worth Designing.

In the Proceedings of NordiCHI2006. Cockton has partially  re-written his earlier article and is moving from value-centred design (VCD) to “worth-centred design (WCD) because to avoid confusion. Starting points for VCD: • a priori usability evaluation and context fit cannot … Continue reading

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Patrick Jordan, Chapter “The Four Pleasures”. In: Designing Pleasurable Products (2000).

Different pleasures introduced in the chapter: Jordan: Three different types of pleasure with products: The emotional, hedonic and practical benefits associated with products. Pleasure with products comes from the relationship between a person and a product. Therefore pleasurability is not … Continue reading

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Anu Mäkelä & Jane Fulton Suri (2001). Supporting User’s Creativity: Design to Induce Pleasurable Experiences

Mäkelä & co. suggest in their article, that it is too much to claim that one could really design an experience for the user, because experience is something personal and it has many factors that the designer can’t do anything … Continue reading

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Hassenzahl M. (2011) User Experience and Experience Design

This is a summary of a chapter that Mark Hassenzahl has written for in which he explains how he sees User Experience and how he thinks it could be deliberately designed. Firstly he presents a theory that our Western … Continue reading

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Law, E. & van Schaik, P. Modelling user experience – An agenda for research and practice

In their editorial for special issue for Interacting with Computers Law and van Schaik present a nice overview of current state of research in user experience. Their focus is on modelling (both measurement models and structural models) but the article … Continue reading

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