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Bangor et al. (2008) An Empirical Evaluation of the System Usability Scale

Bangor et al. provide a nice description of System Usability Scale (SUS). Their article is based on almost 10 year’s worth of SUS data (more than 200 SUS studies). SUS is an interesting tool. It provides a reference score for … Continue reading

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Hertzum, M. (2010) Images of Usability

Abstract: The term usability is ubiquitous in human–computer interaction, so much so that it is commonly used without definition. Rather than one established meaning of usability, there are, however, multiple images of usability. Although each image provides a partial view, … Continue reading

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Andierssen, J.H.E. (2003) Working with Groupware: Understanding and Evaluating Collaboration Technology

Andierssen’s book is a compact yet comprehensive introduction to collaboration technologies and especially on thinking and evaluating their quality from the users’ perspective. In just 150 pages the book covers implications and roles of collaboration technology in work and society, … Continue reading

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Ehn, P. & Kyng, M. (1991) Cardboard Computers: Mocking-it-up or Hands-on the Future

Ehn and Kyng are pioneers of participatory design. Article “Cardboard Computers” is a HCI classic. The article describes a project where newspaper professionals (maker-ups) initialized a project to look for alternative solutions for existing computer page makeup solutions. The computer … Continue reading

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HCI & UCD reader recommends and comments

This is a Strategic Usability Research Group’s blog where researchers and students can share their views about HCI and UCD books and articles. Posted by Petri

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