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Hello everyone,

I’m Niklas, a 3rd year Finance major student at the Aalto University School of Business and I’ll be taking the Winter/Spring semester 2018 at the University of Michigan’s highly rated Stephen M. Ross School of Business in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA.

As an alternative to the typical travel report required as a part of the exchange studies, Aalto gives the opportunity to write a blog during the exchange. I’ve never kept a blog before so I figured why not, right?

I will post stories about my time in Michigan (and of course in the whole North America!) here at random intervals, at the very least twice a month. I’ll begin with writing about the stuff before the actual exchange semester, including process of applying to student exchange at Aalto, the admission process at Ross and the bureaucracy associated with studying in the United States of America (there’s a lot of it).

More will follow as I get settled in (flying over on January 1st), looking forward to experiencing the US way of life!

Feel free to share this to interested parties, I will do my best to make this as informative to prospective exchange students as possible.






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