Week 3

In this weeks lecture we learned about synaptic transmission processes. Parts of the introduced principles were already familiar to me as we learned about chemical synapses in high school biology classes. I learned more about the chemical details behind these synapses. Furthermore, I learned about electrical synapses and found it quite interesting that there is a second, faster way of transmitting signals.

With this the low level functionality of the brain has been covered and to prepare for next week I read the chapters 8-10 in the book. Learning about the senses especially vision was very interesting since I am visiting this lecture to learn more about how principles from neuroscience can be applied to robotics where vision is heavily researched.

Learning the basic terminologies was very important for me to be able to read and understand neuroscience literature better. I hope that during the rest of this course I will gain more insight into how different senses are integrated and how this information is represented in the brain.

Posted by Oliver Struckmeier

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