Week 26.11 – 02.12

For this week’s exercise we performed an Electroencephalography, EEG for short, which means we recorded the electrical activity of the brain of a subject.

After some brief explanations we moved to the chamber to perform our little experiment. First it was necessary to measure the subject’s scalp, so we would find the size of the cap needed. After that, the thirty-two-electrode-cap was placed in the subject’s head and all the wires were connected. It was now time to apply the conductive gel, to lower the impedance between the scalp of the subject and the electrodes on the cap, that was similar to the one presented after.

Image available at https://pt.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eletroencefalografia

The subject was then exposed to two kinds of tests: visual and audio. This exercise took about 12 minutes, during which the subject was alone and focused inside a chamber.

There are plenty of methods to study brain function but this is still one of the most used, mostly because its cost is significantly lower than other techniques, even if its spatial sensitivity is relatively poor.

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