The Human Auditory System

Our lecture this week was solely focused on the auditory system. We looked at the anatomy of the ear and learned the names of all the different parts and then dived into the function of each part. For me personally, this lecture contained a lot of familiar information, as I have thoroughly studied the physiology of the ear in my earlier studies in Animal Physiology. However, it never hurts to refresh your brain!

The most interesting topic in my opinion was the structure and function of the cochlea. It is mind-boggling how a structure can be so well adapted to different levels of stimuli! The different locations of the responses to different frequencies are also something so concrete that we can easily “believe” it is true. I know that was a weird thing to say, but some of the processes that happen in the human body seem so amazingly complex that it is almost difficult to take in. In addition, what was interesting, was to see how similarly the auditory AND the visual pathways are constructed.

Something that took the lecture on a whole new level was the Youtube video of the virtual barbershop. I have never in my life been so uncomfortable listening to something as I am very sensitive to sounds being so close to my ears. I could not sit still, but then again, I could not stop listening to it as it was so funny. It also concluded the lecture very well. In addition, someone linked an article in the chat which discussed the emotional and social aspects of music. It was a cool viewpoint to something that we come across in our everyday lives, music.

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