Period 2 week 2

During this weeks lecture, topographies were presented of the auditory and visual stimulus on the brain which I found very interesting. I wonder, could this experiment also be made in the case of the video where the same audio “BAA” was played despite the lip movements indicating “BAA” or “FAA”. Could this small of a change be distinguishable in any way in the topographies on the brain using nowadays technologies?

The topic of the vestibular system brought a personal experience with balance to my mind. I live in a tall apartment building so the elevator is rather quick. I have noticed that I very often experience a temporary loss of balance after the elevator stops at my floor and I step out. I was thinking of this experience when learning the anatomy of the vestibular system and it must be the uteicle and saccule which are responsible for sensations of acceleration that are behind this feeling. Perhaps the elevator slows down for a long time which lets my vrain to adapt to the sensation of acceleration and then the sudden stop of acceleration is causing the loss of balance.
My father also described a peculiar reaction to the covid shot of his colleague which was that they completely lost their sense of balance for a few weeks. I’m curious of what might be behind this effect. As we know, the body’s immune system responds to the vaccine when it starts to produce the antibodies. Perhaps there is some sort of swelling in the ear or near the vestibular nerve which affects the sense of balance.