Week 6

J: This week we did not have a lecture, but an exercise session on the anatomy of the brain. Brain anatomy is a fascinating topic and it has been the longest studied part of the brain. The structure and function of the brain have interested mankind for a long time. The first somewhat correct estimations date back to the 16th century. This bloc post from the University of Queensland discusses the history of the study of the brain.

It takes time to learn the functionality of different parts of the brain. I have a general idea of the inferior/deeper structures and of the mesencephalon having functional roles in the more fundamental functionality of the nervous system. And that the cerebral cortex acts as the main processing unit for higher-level cognition. However, I realize this is a simplification and in reality, most of the functionality comes from an interplay of the whole central nervous system working together.

O: During this week, we had a exercise session (the first live one for me in almost 2 years) in which we constructed a general structure of the brain using playdough. The task seemed quite pointless at first, but I can definitely say that it was more efficient than studying the structure off the book.

Generally, this first part of the course has been very interesting not only in terms of typical neuroscience, but the small details presented in the lectures that apply to every day life practicalities of how we operate as humans.